World Cup Football Slots

If you would consider yourself to be a bit of a sports maniac, then you're going to love the World Cup Football Slots as it has got a football theme. The video slot is electric and exciting to play, so if you're looking for that particular energy then be sure to give it a go today. It's not just the ambiance that sets this slot on fire, it's also the fact that there are beautiful features on offer, as well as bonus symbols that are going to make your wishes become a reality. Do you like the sounds of it? Then give it a go today and see what you can accomplish now.

Everything to remember about the World Cup Football Slots

There is a lot to note about the World Cup Football Slots, so let's start discussing it immediately. The first thing we're going to touch on is its appearance, and this comes in the format of a 5x4 grid, along with 50 betways. The reels are set in front of a huge mega football stadium, so there are going to be wild crowds cheering, as well as bright, shining lights. If you enjoy the ambiance that you would find in a real life stadium, then you're going to love it here too because the energy is matched.

The World Cup Football Slots has been developed by Genesis, who are popular software developers in today's day and age. These guys don't mess around when it comes to bringing out fantastic video slots. The slot came out in July of 2018, so it has been around for quite some time. The RTP, which stands for the return to player percentage, has come in at 97.1%. This is an insane figure because it is well over the national average percentage. The higher this figure is, the better, so keep a lookout.

As well as all of that, there is also the impressive variance level, coming in at medium to high. Then there's also the minimum and maximum bet, which begin from as little as 0.01 and reach as far as 100.

Features and more

The best features here in the World Cup Football Slots include the free spins, respins and wild symbols. These are going to help you super big, so try it out today for yourself and see.

The World Cup Football Slots is an awesome video slot to play, so give it a go now and see what you can discover with it. You're going to have the best of fun here, so why not try it out now. You're going to love it!