Machine Gun Unicorn Slots

The Machine Gun Unicorn Slots is a wonderful video slot to go for if you're into playing those with themes of fantasy and cartoon. It has got gorgeous aesthetics, that's for sure, plus tons of wicked features that are going to make your dreams become a reality. We pride ourselves in delivering these slot reviews to the highest of standards, so you can rest assured you're going to find it all out here. We like to keep these reviews pretty short and to the point so that you can find all of the necessary information out in the least amount of time possible.

Key information - The Machine Gun Unicorn Slots

The first thing to note about any slot game on the market is who it has been developed by, and in this case it's the Genesis software providers. These guys don't mess about when it comes to delivering key video slots full of fantastic features, so you can definitely put your trust in them today. The slot came out in June of 2015, so it has definitely been around for quite some time.

The RTP is one of their most important features, as this determines how much money is going to return back into your pocket. This figure comes in at 97.18%, which is absolutely amazing considering the national average is 96%. The higher this figure is, the better, so be sure to acknowledge what we have got here. The variance level is also noteworthy, coming in at medium.

Then there is also the minimum and maximum bet, as these come in at 0.1 and reach all of the way up to 100. These figures are unbeatable really, because it results in tons of players being able to join in on the fun, no matter what their financial status is. It's important to have player accessibility, because not one of us are the same or living the same life.

Key features in the Machine Gun Unicorn Slots

There are loads of brilliant features here in the Machine Gun Unicorn Slots, such as the multipliers, scatter symbols and wild symbols. All of these are going to help you win bigger, badder and bolder than ever, so don't let them slip past you.

The Machine Gun Unicorn Slots is an awesome slot to play, especially if you're looking to win bigger than you ever have before. With RTP rates and features like these, anything is possible. So why not check it out today and see what you can accomplish.