Savana King Jackpot Slots

Want to submerge yourself in a nature theme and go on a safari? Then why not test out the much sought after video slot; The Savana King Jackpot Slots. This slot has received tons of recommendations, so we knew it was about time to check it out. It features tons of fabulous statistics, like incredible RTP rates and bonus wheels, so there isn't a single reason as to why you shouldn't at least give it a look. Read about it here today and see what you can discover. We like to keep these reviews pretty short and to the point so that you can walk away feeling fulfilled.

Everything to note about the Savana King Jackpot Slots

The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that the Savana King Jackpot Slots has got a 5x4 grid with 1,024 betways to enjoy. These figures are fantastic, so we are looking forward to the rest, that's for sure. The reels themselves are placed in front of a natural, Safari inspired landscape. There are tall African trees on either side of the reels, plus dry grass at the bottom.

The Savana King Jackpot Slots has been developed by none other than Genesis themselves, who are popular software providers in today's industry. They never seem to let us down, hence why we are so excited to be reviewing this slot game. The Savana King Jackpot Slots came out back in July of 2018, so it has been around for quite some time, that's for sure.

The Savana King Jackpot Slots has got an RTP rate of 96%, which is incredible as this is the national average and a lot of video slots don't reach it nowadays. The variance level has been said to be low, which isn't too bad at all. As for the minimum and maximum bet, these begin from 0.4 and reach all of the way up to 40. There's a maxim win of 100,000 here, which you can't complain about - right?

Key features and more in the Savana King Jackpot Slots

There are tons of wicked features to check out here, such as the bonus wheels, free spins, game history, multipliers, progressive jackpots and finally, the wilds. All of these features are key elements are they're going to help you win bigger and better than ever before.

The Savana King Jackpot Slots is an awesome little slot to play no matter what your preferences are because it's going to truly help you win bigger and better than ever before. Check it out now and indulge!