Prime Time Combat Kings Slots

It's about time you checked out the wonderful Prime Time Combat Kings Slots, as this slot ticks every box. There is so much up for grabs here, it would be rude not to check it out. So, join us today as we're going to be discussing the aesthetics, gameplay, features, symbols and more so that we can get a general feel to the game. You're going to find out everything on a need to know basis in such a short amount of time. There are so many brilliant reasons to play here today, so check them out now and see if it works for you.

General information regarding the Prime Time Combat Kings Slots

The Prime Time Combat Kings Slots was brought out by none other than Genesis, so if these guys are one of your favorites, then you're definitely going to have the best time here ever. The slot came out in July of 2017, so it has been around for quite some time. I always think this is a great sign, because we really still be talking about a video slot in 2023 if it wasn't good? I don't think so, so this is a brilliant reason as to why to check it out.

The Prime Time Combat Kings Slots has got a 5x3 grid, with 25 betways. As this a martial arts inspired video slot, with a recurring theme of sports, then you may expect to find a similar themed background. This adds to the action-like feel, which is really nice. They have got an RTP rate of 94.91%, which is pretty good although ever so slightly under the national average percentage of 96%. Nevermind though, because the Prime Time Combat Kings Slots makes up for this slight loss in many other ways.

Take the minimum and the maximum bet for example, as these begin from as little as 0.1 and reach all of the way up to 50. This is impressive to say the least, as it results in tons of players being able to play whenever they choose. We love easily accessible video slots, and this is definitely one of them.

Features and the conclusion

The best features here in the Prime Time Combat Kings Slots include the bonus games, bonus wheels, free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols and more, so check them out for now and see what you make of it. You're guaranteed to love it here at the Prime Time Combat Kings Slots.