Wild Fire 7s Slots

It’s common enough to see the number 7 as an icon throughout many slot games, especially those with three reels. So… does the title of this game give us any clues to how this experience might pan out?

The title is Wild Fire 7s, the review is right here for you, and we’ve got all the details and elements rolled into the next few paragraphs. Time to grab a coffee and sit back to read more about it before you play.

Let’s begin with the developer info

Realtime Gaming is the name behind this slot, and they’re commonly known simply as RTG. If you’ve heard of them, you know they’ve got a high pedigree, so does that mean this is another success for them?

Demo activity: Does it feature here?

It does, so it means you can load up the practice version instead of going straight to the real game. You can therefore experience it for a while and see what you think about it.

What’s the theme?

There isn’t much we can tell you about this, as it doesn’t really have one. The 7s do feature in the game, and there are flames involved, just as the Wild Fire 7s title would suggest. That’s as far as this theme goes though.

What did we make of the design?

Slot designs are important, for sure, but in this case, we’re looking at a modern yet simple game. It’s one of those that doesn’t do a lot with the background, but that means you can expect a lot of action on the reels instead.

Wild Fire 7s: Exploring the game and how to play it

Right – let’s dive into the big info here. There are three reels, as you might have worked out, but there are three symbols per reel to make it bigger. Would we surprise you if we said there was a progressive prize in this slot? There is, and you’ll see it on the screen as you play.

While there are three reels on the screen, we should mention a fourth that appears to the right of those. You only see one symbol on this reel though, so it works separately to the others.

The wild part of the title doesn’t mean there is a wild in the game, as sadly there isn’t. We do, however, get a symbol that can lead to free spins, with another one acting as the jackpot trigger.

More paylines than you’d think

Would you be surprised to find five in play? You do need to play all of them, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

This isn’t a penny slot

They need a way to boost the progressive jackpot, so they’ve given players a minimum 10-cent wager per line in this game. It means you need to bet at least 50 cents on every spin of the Wild Fire 7s reel set. At the other end of the betting scale, you’ve got $5 to play per spin.

Paytable details

You’ll find a link to this by the first reel of the game. It confirms what we’re sharing with you here, although you can also learn more about the symbols that crop up in the game. It helps to know what everything looks like.

Any bonuses here?

No, there is nothing along these lines to look for.

What about some free spins?

To secure some of these, you need to find the free spin icon landing on reel four – the separate reel. It means you only need one to receive seven free spins. If you find any prizes during those games, they’ll receive a huge 5x multiplier. That could be why you only get seven games, we guess.

No return to player info

Most RTG games we have ever reviewed do not bring clear RTP percentages to share. Most people agree the percentage sits at around 95% for each one, but we know that it can vary, so we would take that only as a rough guide.

Our rating: Is Wild Fire 7s a decent slot to play

At 50 cents a pop at the minimum, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. However, it is a decent slot, and that fourth reel takes it to another level. We’re ranking it with

other games worthy of a seven out of 10 score.

How to unlock that jackpot

The fourth reel is the secret to doing this. Remember that we said there was a jackpot symbol in play? It must land on the separated reel four to unlock the prize.

Don’t forget there is a practice version

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Wild Fire 7s, but we still suggest playing the demo of it if you can. It’s the best way to know how all these elements roll into the gameplay on offer.

If you like it, you can change over to the real version

There are lots of RTG casinos online, so you only need to find one that welcomes players from your location and you’re good to sign up.

Did you know you can play a mobile version too?

It’s identical to the online version, only it has touchscreen controls to make it ideal for tablets and smartphones too.