Sparky 7 Slots

This could be the sparkiest online slot you’ve played in a while. The Sparky 7 slot game looks like a feisty one for sure, with electricity running through it to excite all those who check it out.

We have already done that, and we can reveal that our peep behind the scenes has brought us plenty of details and information to share with you here. It’s time to see what you think.

Who is the developer behind Sparky 7?

This is another fine title to come from the brains behind other games including Cash Bandits and Bubble Bubble. Yes, we’re referring to Realtime Gaming or RTG.

Expect a demo, as usual

RTG is a reliable developer in lots of ways. You can find the Sparky 7 slot with a practice mode alongside the real thing, so it gives you an excellent chance to try it and see how everything works.

Does this game have an electric theme?

The theme, such as it is, does have some electric twists to it. You’ll also see the number 7 heavily featured, so look out for some action revolving around that.

The Sparky 7 design

The design is not as basic as you’d think. We can see what looks like some electrical components in the background, although the set of reels occupies most of the screen. That’s the most important feature, of course, but you can see a lot of detail in all portions of the game.

How to play Sparky 7 slots

The game has three reels, with a smaller single icon reel off to the right of the main set. You can see up to three symbols landing on the reels on each spin, depending on how they land.

The golden W is the wild for the game, and this can appear on the reels or in the special fourth reel. It substitutes for other symbols in the game, just as you’d expec

t it to. Watch out too for the bonus icon as that is the scatter.

How many lines in Sparky 7?

We wanted to see seven, but the 3 x 3 format gives us five, so that’s all good.

Choose your bets

As with all other RTG slots, you can expect a few bets to choose rom when you load this game ready to play.

Paytable details

Access this from the left side of the reels. Read through it to familiarize yourself with the important symbols, their values, and how the special icons work.

Bonus: Teleporting symbols

Watch that small reel over on the right because there is a chance that it could help you create a winning line. Whenever you see two 7s on a line, the fourth reel could show you a 7 and teleport it over into the space to create a prize for you. You must have a blank space alongside the two 7s that have landed on the reels for this to occur, though – if another icon is there, this means there isn’t a space for the 7 to transfer into. The 7s come in several colors too, so you’ll need a matching color to appear.

This transferring feature can occur with other symbols as well. So, you could end up with blank spaces anywhere on the reels and then see another symbol spin into view on reel four. It will then transfer over if this can create prizes for you.

Free spins available in Sparky 7

The slot game can net you seven free spins if you find three bonus icons on the reels. These games contain win multipliers, and the fourth reel shows those in this feature. Each spin sees that reel change to reveal a multiplier. If you find one or more prizes during that feature, you’ll get them multiplied by the value shown there.

RTP not yet released

And if we know RTG, we doubt it will be, as they do not tend to reveal this information.

Our rating for the Sparky 7 slot game

Could we give this one anything other than seven points out of 10? It makes sense given the title, but it does deserve that score. We liked it a lot and it did bring us f

ar more features than we expected for a three-reel game.

What’s the winning potential like?

RTG confirms that the maximum prize here is worth 50,000x your bet, so that’s not shabby at all!

Play the demo version to see if this is the one for you

The game is not what you’d expect of a three-reel slot. It could well become one of your favorite smaller games from RTG, just as it has already reached that spot for us.

Play for real when you join a casino offering RTG games

If you can find this game at an online casino, you’ll get access to all the others from Realtime Gaming as well.

A modern game means mobile access as well

Yep, so load up Sparky 7 on your smartphone or tablet as well if you prefer. You can always get some action across iOS and Android devices.