Warlock's Spell Slots

Warlocks join witches as the spell-casting thrills in several online slot games. Today, we are introducing you to the Warlock’s Spell, a slot based around that idea and giving you some fascinating elements to watch out for.

Is this the slot you’re eager to play? Will it be the one to draw you in and reveal some magical features? You’ll discover all the answers right here.

Who is the developer?

The game comes to us from the ever-reliable team at Realtime Gaming.

RTG gives us a demo too

RTG is how Realtime Gaming is often featured, and they are known for supplying eager players with demo games.

Theme details for Warlock’s Spell

There are no surprises with the theme, as the title tells you everything. You can spend a while looking around before you play, to take in the details. It’s time to find out just how spellbinding this slot could be…

Visit the castle as part of the design

There are some great touches to the design here, although it isn’t one of RTG’s most captivating slots. We think the castle is the setting – at least, we get that feeling. The reels are big enough to occupy most of the available space though, so you won’t have any issues exploring the game.

Let’s get started spinning the reels of Warlock’s Spell slots

There are five reels in action, offering a mix of symbols including spell books, the warlock’s essential crystal ball, and a black cat. You’ll also see a progressive jackpot on the screen, although the trigger for that is unknown.

The warlock mentioned in the title is a sensible choice for the wild symbol. He only appears on reels three, four, and five though. If you’re disappointed in that, don’t worry – you might also see a witch, and she can appear on reels one, two, and three of the game.

We mentioned the presence of spell books earlier, and this is the symbol to look for if you’d like to receive a scatter prize. Neither of the wild can replace this one, although they’re good to substitute for other icons.

How many lines can you play on?

There are 20 lines for you to cover during the game.

How much can you wager on the Warlock’s Spell slot?

The coin range ought to be familiar if you’ve played other games from the RTG collection. They give you coins ranging from one cent to five dollars in value.

Paytable info if you want it

The paytable lays out the rules of the game, lists all the symbols, showing you what they look like, and gives you all the other details you need.

Bonuses don’t feature in this game

You do get another popular feature though…

Free spins in Warlock’s Spell slots

Find three of those spell books to magically open this feature. How many can you receive? Up to 100, so you need to find out how many you’ve won. To do this, the game prompts you to create a potion. Start mixing and find out what happens. Depending on how good your potion becomes, you could net up to 100 spins.

RTP details missing

Did the warlock cast a spell to make them vanish? We doubt it, as RTG never gives this detail away.

Is this slot game worth trying?

Definitely, and there are some neat elements rolled into play. Two wilds, a potion to mix to find out how many spins you’ve won… it all suggests a game worth 7.5 points out of 10.

Winners to read about online

With a jackpot on offer in Warlock’s Spell, you can always look and see whether someone has won it recently. There’s no way to tell when the next pot is going to drop…

Demo action available today

If you like the sound of Warlock’s Spell slots, give the demo a go to experience it for yourself. You can then work out what you think of it and whether it would be a smart fit for your budget.

Progress to the real thing if you like it

With plenty of coins to look through, this game is always worth a real spin or two if the coins do suit the cash that you’ve got available to play slots with online today.

Cast a spell on your mobile device too

From Android to iOS, it doesn’t matter which platform you use, you can always find the warlock doing his magic in this game on tablet and smartphone as well.