Cash Bandits Slots

That is the major question, and it is one that we aim to answer for you in this slot review. The Cash Bandits game may already be familiar to you, thanks to the popularity of the slot. There are reasons why that is the case, but if we tell you that it has already led to two sequels, you can see where its popularity has led. If you want to know more and to see whether this might be worth a try (clue, it is), read through all the information we have lined up for you here.

Who is responsible for the development of this game?

This is a slot from the team at Realtime Gaming. They’re commonly known simply as RTG, so if you see those letters, you know you’ve found a promising slot to play. That is certainly the case here.

Demo action assured

Yes, the team always gives you the chance to experience one of their slot games with no need to worry about betting your own money to do it. Cash Bandits has a practice version available, including all the features you’d expect to find in the main version.

How about the theme?

Since bandits get a mention in the title, the presence of police officers and bandits isn’t a surprise. You’ll see the action revolves around a bank too, or more properly, the vault inside the bank.

Expect a cartoon design

The slot keeps the theme nice and light by displaying all the characters in cartoon format. There are other icons relevant to this theme too, so you can expect an action-packed yet light appearance.

How do you play Cash Bandits slots?

The usual format of five reels pops up as you load this game. You’ve also got two progressive jackpots to check out. These show up in the usual place above the reels. We get a wild symbol too, shaped like a bank vault and giving you the chance to replace all but the police badge as you play for prizes. The badge is in the scatter role, hence why the wild won’t substitute for it.

How many lines can you play on?

The game shows you 25 of these, and while they’re not fixed paylines, we do suggest you cover all of them to maximize your winning chances with each spin.

Choosing your wagers

The coin range is small here, starting at a cent and stopping at the 25-cent mark. This means you can spin the reels with all lines in play from just 25 cents a time.

Paytable details for Cash Bandits

We recommend you check out this before you play, as it gives you more background about the game. Look for the info button, positioned underneath the reels over to the left.

Look for the police badges to bring you into the vault

Everyone knows about the Vault Bonus, right? They’ve based it around free games, but there is plenty more to know before you play this round. You’ll see four vaults inside the bonus feature, and each one requires a code to crack it. You get to choose some numbers you think might be in the codes, and you’ll then see if they feature anywhere. You do get five spins to start with, along with a 2x multiplier. However, if you manage to open one or more of the vaults, you’ll find more spins and multipliers inside them. The best scenario is to bust them all open to receive 90 free spins. And the multiplier for that would be a cool 12x…

Free spins aren’t as hard to find as you think

It’s difficult to get the most out of the round, sure, but we found we played it a few times while spinning our way through the Cash Bandits slot. It’s a sensational round, offering more than the usual free spin potential and some entertainment in vast amounts along the way. How good a safe cracker are you, hmm?

We didn’t unlock any RTP details

With some great things locked in those vaults, we guess the secretive return to player percentage must be in there too…

How well do we rate the Cash Bandits online slot game?

This is a super slot, for sure, giving you lots of entertainment rolled into a cartoon action theme. We couldn’t drop the score any lower than nine points out of 10 for this one.

Look out for news of some jackpot winners

These two prizes are the big ones to go for, although the odds are always going to be long on those. That said, we know there is some potential to get lots of free spins, and if you did this with a giant multiplier in tow, who knows what might be in store?

Play the practice game first

We think this is a sensible way to see how the slot plays out, especially if you play until the Vault Bonus unlocks. It didn’t take us long to do that, and it gave us a better idea of how it worked.

Play the real thing from a quarter per spin

That would suit a lot of budgets, so if you can stand 25 cents per spin of the reels in this game, we recommend you check it out. Don’t forget that budget though.

Mobile accessibility also supplied

This is ideal for Android and iOS devices of all kinds.